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    A Little About Brion's Extra's:

    Brion's Extras was created to facilitate my lego buying habit. In the process of buying I found that I also would end up with many extras of things that I could not use at the time. I listed these for sale on Bricklink (where I still run a storefront as well) in order to get rid of the extras and found that it became a decent manner by which to help others complete their sets along with the ability to now help fund my buing habit. Pretty much everything I sell here goes back into lego.


    PLEASE READ - Bricklink Inventory Duplication:

    I have decided to open my storefront on BrickOwl with inventory duplication to my storefront on Bricklink. This duplication of inventory CAN under certain circumstances cause parts to be unavailible at the time of purchase on either site due to orders for the same items being placed at the same time. If this should occur and an Item cannot be fulfilled you will be notified by me and given the option to cancel your order.

    Parts Condition:

    Here at Brion's Extras.. you will find a variety of parts which are mainly new parts. All of our parts are bulk stored (like new sets are from lego) and in some cases shipped this way. This means that there may be minimal blemishes even on new parts. NOTE: These blemishes tend to be most apparent on parts with large smooth surfaces such as panels, tiles, and clear parts. Though we mention that we do not diferentiate mold differences in some parts we may, these items will be listed under their appropriate mold designations.

    Lego Part Grading Scale:

    Parts under each grading category can have one or more of the issues listed.
    We have very few non-new parts, however, if the parts are used they will fall under the 1-4 grading scale.

    5 - New Part - Minimally handled parts taken directly out of sets or from reputable sources.
    4 - Virtually New Part - Good to Excellent Color, Light to no blemishes. Basically new but cannot be verified as such. 
    3 - Average Part - Fair to Good Color, Light to no blemishes.
    2 - Fair Part - Poor to Fair Color, Possible visual blemishes. 
    1 - Poor Part - Any color, Visual blemishes apparent, Possible physical damage.

    All parts listed for sale fall under this grading scale unless otherwise described.


    All sets that are marked as new are sealed and unopened, there are exceptions to this which will be noted in that some older lego sets have been known to have seal failure. This does not mean that all boxes are in pristine condition, most of the sets that we have do have normal shelfwear though some do thave scratches and small dents. If anything major has happened to the box (ie) major crushing I do try to list that in the comments.

    Used sets are from my personal collection and normally come with the directions and all the parts to build the set. Most do not include what would be the extra parts and in some cases the stickers where the stickers were originally present and have fallen off the model.


    Shipping Costs at BrickOwl are determined by weight of the order with an allowance for packaging. Costs are pretty straight forward and are given upon checkout, In some cases with larger orders and almost always for international buyers you may be offered the option of getting a shipping quote. Please feel free to use this option. I do have a First Class for parts only option as many boxed sets will not fall under the 13oz cutoff with packaging. You can use this shipping option for small sets that you wish to have de-Boxed or polybag type sets. If you do choose parts only shipping for a set we will use minimal packaging to ship the set which means the box could be damaged in transit. If you want to see if a small set can ship by first class rate please email me as more than likely you will not be given the option for a quote.


    If cancellation of an order is required please contact me. Cancellation requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

    You may make an offer on anything we have:

    #1 You can make an offer on anything we have in our store.
    To do so you must make your offer prior to ordering.
    #2 Making an offer does not guarantee that your offer will be accepted.
    #3 I reserve the right to adjust offer if I am willing to accept but partially.
    (hey it is better than nothing)
    #4 Offer acceptance will vary depending upon what I feel is fair.
    #5 Participation in this offer is up to you. If you wish to participate make an offer..
    if not Orders will still be processed as normal.
    #6 If an offer is accepted you will receive a coupon code that will allow you to order the items at the cost agreed upon. If the exact items are not ordered or the order is placed beyond 2 days after acceptance the offer may be recinded and the order cancelled.
    #7 Offers for trades are also welcome I have included a list of items at the bottom of this page both lego and not that I am really interested in but other offers can be made and depending I just may accept.


    I do accept trades depending upon what for and the agreed upon negotiation. Trades are accepted on a mutual shipping agreement meaning that the shipping costs are the responsibility of each party and the trade is based on the accepted value of each party. Traded items will be purchased through my store with the incoming trade to be accepted as payment. Some trades I may accept a mutual ship but it really depends on your standing on BrickOwl and the items in trade otherwise your end of the trade acts as payment and once payment is received and verified the purchased items will be shipped.

    Some Items I would like to trade for: 
    Value indicated is what I feel it is worth to me so these items will not stray much from this value in trade against my listed pricing.

    Lego 10018 Darth Maul Bust -
    Lego 8273 Technic Off-Road Truck - 
    Lego 9393 Tractor - 
    Lego Monthly Model Builds for Kids (must have card)- 

    Non-Lego items 
    Apple iPad 2 or above (mini ok) - 
    Apple ipod NANO (RED) 6th or 7th Gen (no engraving) - 

    Like I mentioned there are probably more things that I would like just let me know what you have.

    If you have any Questions please email me.

    Thank You,
    Brion Sohn

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